Balenciaga is selling a “shopping bag” for over $ 2,000 - would you buy it?
Balenciaga is selling a “shopping bag” for over $ 2,000 - would you buy it?
Known for their super expensive luxury items, perhaps the brand has gone too far this time. Or not?
Posted on September 7, 2018
(Photo: Selfridges)

Balenciaga released this week a “shopping bag” that is ideal for you to carry your purchases (even groceries) without having to worry about the terrible environmental damages caused by plastic bags. And the perks of it don’t end there. In addition to being eco-friendly, the luxury item is also made from a quality grained leather in the most exclusive and elegant Balenciaga design. Oh, and it "only" costs $ 2,190.

(Made from grained leather, the bag is ideal for you to shop at the greengrocer around the corner. Your Brussels sprouts are gonna love it! Photo: Selfridges)

The “modest” release is just one more of the innumerous pricey extravagances by the fashion house, which was founded in 1937 by designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. And the brand, whose client list includes names like Nicole KidmanNatalie Portman and Beyoncé, has ever since become famous for not only its stratospheric prices but also for its somewhat peculiar designs.

If you don’t quite understand what "peculiar" means, let me show you some examples...

T-Shirt-Shirt Hybrid - price: $ 1,290 

(Photo: Balenciaga)

I bet you don’t have any words to describe this piece, right?

Well, neither do I.

But if it suits your style (no judgments), you can get it here.

Dress-Shirt Hybrid - price $ 2,750 

(Photo: Balenciaga)

Very similar to the previous one, this mix is definitely an ideal dress for those who don’t want to meet anyone wearing the same outfit as them at a party.

To purchase it, get your unlimited premium credit card and click here.

Oversized (and overmixed) Sweater - price: $ 1,150 

(Photo: Balenciaga)

This sweater has all styles possible in just one piece. I’m assuming if you wear this and fail to catch everyone's attention, you'll probably get a refund.

If this work of art has touched your soul, it can be all yours here.

Double Dress - price: $ 4,800 

(Photo: Balenciaga)

If you have a date, but you can’t choose between two of your favorite dresses, here's a tip: glue them both together. Your outfit will be more than worth its weight in gold (literally!).

Now if you’re too lazy to do it yourself, you can just buy it all ready-to-wear here.

So are you ready to spend your entire annual salary on these beauties?