Do you speak Internet?
Do you speak Internet?
Speaking the world’s most important language nowadays is imperative. Do you dare find out how fluent you are in… internet?
Posted on October 10, 2018
What does NSFW stand for?
Not Suitable For Women
Not So Funny, World
Not Sexy For a Woman
Not Safe For Work
What is a ‘troll’?
Someone who is really tall
Someone who leaves intentionally annoying messages on the internet
Someone who comes from a Scandinavian country
Someone who is an awful speller
What is another expression for YOLO?
What goes around comes around
Actions speak louder than words
Seize the day
All good things come to an end
What is the most common meaning of TBT?
Throwback Thursday
Truth be told
Taco Bell time
To be tested
In which of these sentences was ‘tbh’ correctly used?
“Please, finish this job, tbh.”
“Well, in tbh, things don’t happen like that”
“Have you heard from Rebecca tbh The Mystery Woman?”
“I didn’t even notice you were gone, tbh”
Which of these is an example of a ‘photobomb’?
If someone asks you for your ‘handle’, what do you think you should give them?
Your phone number
Your social media username
Your address
Your email
If you have swag, you are…
When someone calls you a ‘noob’, what does it mean?
You’re new to some activity and so you don’t know much about it
You look younger than your age
You made a big mistake and won’t admit it cause you’re too proud
You make the silliest jokes
What does SMH mean?
Shaking my head
Send me home