How weird are you?
How weird are you?
Maybe you're not as normal as you think...
Posted on November 26, 2018
Photo: Animal Jam Clans Wiki/Reprodução
You’re talking to a friend, and he won’t stop looking right into your eyes. How do you feel?
Normal. I’m also looking into his eyes
That bothers me a little, to be honest
I keep looking away all the time
What’s your ‘neutral’ facial expression?
Absolutely serious
Always smiling
Depends on the occasion, but in general serious
Your friends invite you to a party where you know there will be lots of people you don’t know. You…
Accept the invitation right away ‘cause you love meeting new people
Say you'll think about it - and never get back to the subject again
Give them an absurd excuse not to go just so you won’t have to meet new people
Accept the invitation at first, but probably change your mind later on
What impression do people usually have of you?
You're always happy
You hate everybody
You're always sleepy
You’re always judging them internally
What’s your opinion on taking photos?
I really like taking photos ... of other people
Photos are basically a modern curse that slowly steals your soul
I love to take selfies at all times! In fact, let me take one now!
When was the last time you invited someone over?
It’s been a while...
I can’t even remember it
How do you feel about being all by yourself for a while?
Love it
Hate it
It depends on the day, but in general it’s nice
You’re in a car, with the windows open and your phone in your hand. What’s the most random thought that goes through your mind?
“I shouldn’t have sent that text…”
“What if I just threw my phone out the window now?”
“The street looks like a concrete river…”
“Man, I wish I could just go slap that person on the sidewalk …”
You’re in a bar alone and out of nowhere a really attractive person comes to talk to you. How do you respond?
“Hi, how old is your name?”
“Hi, I can bend my tongue and whistle at the same time, wanna see it?”
“Oh, hi. How… are you?”
Just stay in absolute silence for a while, then fake a faint in order to escape that embarrassing moment.