Jake Paul’s Team 10 YouTube Empire Might Be On The Verge Of Collapse
Jake Paul’s Team 10 YouTube Empire Might Be On The Verge Of Collapse
Is Jake's Dad To Blame For Breaking Up The Super Group?
Posted on May 21, 2018
Team 10

Looks like there’s trouble in YouTube paradise. Mega YouTube mogul Jack Paul’s vlogging super group, Team 10, is losing key members over the last few weeks. 

Team 10 is a group of LA-based social media personalities founded by Jake in 2016. Jake has described Team 10 as “an incubator for social media talent. We take people who have a lot of potential and teach them how to make content, produce it, etc. Then we move them into the house and we all collaborate. We’ve taken people with 5,000 followers and they’ve literally had millions of followers in a month."

In response to the departures, Jake hired his father, Greg Paul, as the team’s new financial and business advisor.  Greg has announced plans to merge Jake Paul’s and Logan Paul’s businesses and cut costs.  These goals are coming at a cost of their own though.  

Nick Crompton, Jake Paul w/ Greg Paul

Team 10, once unified, has been dissipating and blaming it on Greg Paul.  Other reasons for the departures include verbal abuse accusations, bullying, overall instability, lack of communication and money. Jake Paul takes in lofty 20% of each Team 10 members’ revenue 

In the last month, Chief operations officer Nick Crompton and head of engineering Drake Rehfeld are just two of the most influential members who have announced their resignation.  

What does Jake Paul think of the commotion?  He says people change and change is inevitable.  Let’s see what’s in store for Team 10 as they kick off their tour this summer.

Do you think this is the beginning of the end for Team 10? Or will others find the quick and easy path to YouTube stardom too tempting to pass up?