What is the dominant side of your brain?
What is the dominant side of your brain?
Find out what your brain dominance has to say about who you are
Posted on October 7, 2018
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What is your favorite type of reading?
Romantic novels and sci-fi
Fiction books and newspapers/magazines
Autobiographies and non-fiction books
You’re hosting a party at a house a bit far from the city, and you need to explain to your guests how to get there. So you...
Give them a map with detailed instructions
Ask them if they know any landmarks around the area, and try to explain the way considering their answer
Mentally visualize the path and start describing it: “Go past the post, turn left, then go straight for about two blocks…”
Right after seeing a movie you liked a lot, you usually prefer to
Replay some scenes in your mind
Discuss the movie with someone
Repeat some lines from the movie
You’re walking down the street, when a stranger stops you and asks which way is north. You...
Give them an embarrassed smile and admit you don’t know
Manage to give the right answer after thinking for a while
Just point the right direction
You’re in the kitchen, cooking a difficult recipe, with the radio on, when the phone rings. You…
Answer the phone while still cooking with the radio on
Answer the phone while still cooking, but turn off the radio
Answer the phone and tell them you’ll call back as soon as you’re done cooking
What bothers you most during a discussion?
When people ignore you and stay silent
When people can’t seem to understand your point of view
When people start getting aggressive and saying profanities
You need to park your car, but the only available parking space in sight will require a lot of effort from you. You...
Keep looking for another parking space
Try parking there, very carefully
Just park there without any difficulty
Your favorite band has just released a new song on the radio. The first time you listen to it, you...
Can sing along to some parts of it without much difficulty
Can sing along to a few parts of it only if the melody is simple enough
Have a hard time following the melody, but can remember part of the lyrics
When facing a problem, you usually...
Trust your intuition
Try to think rationally about it, but also follow a bit of your intuition
Analyze the facts in the most rational way
When asked to explain something, you usually…
Grab a paper, a pen and start drawing and writing
Explain things verbally, while gesturing a lot
Explain everything in a very simple and clear way, only using your voice
When someone discusses a personal problem with you, you usually...
Try to be supportive and understanding
Try to comfort them by showing them how the situation is not that bad
Try to advise them, giving them suggestions on how to solve the problem
In order to be happy, a person has to...
Have good friends and live a peaceful life
Be independent and have lots of friends
Be successful, respected and admired by all
When you shop, you usually...
Buy lots of things on impulse, especially if they are on sale
Have a plan on what you’re gonna buy, but sometimes buy some things on impulse
Evaluate prices carefully, and buy only what you planned