Which animal do you see first? (find out what that says about your personality)
Which animal do you see first? (find out what that says about your personality)
This psychological test promises to reveal what are the most relevant features of your personality
Posted on August 24, 2018

"A picture is worth a thousand words". This maxim, which we have all heard at least once in life, can be true in a lot of different contexts - even in some we would never have guessed. Recent studies showed that images (and how we perceive them) can even help decipher our personality types and all the things that makes us who we are. And I'm not talking about those ink-blots that you see in movies. No, it is way more complex than that.

In 2015, for example, a study was able to establish an interesting relationship between personality traits and how people changed their photos with filters and other effects on Instagram. The study found a curious correlation between personal identity patterns and the way individuals would deal with the various characteristics of an image. In theory, according to your choices, researchers could tell you exactly who you were. Scary, right?

Having this idea in mind, a test was designed to "predict" which are the core aspects of your personality based on your behavior when facing different archetypes blended into one picture. As you can see in the image below, several distinct figures were mixed into a single frame, but at first sight there’s one particular figure that stands out. According to the relational theories of psychology, this first animal you notice is the one that best represents your own personality type.

Shall we find out what it says about you?

1. Horse

Equines are a classic symbol of speed, strength and determination. If you first saw a horse, you are the kind of person that has a lot of willpower and runs after their dreams.

First noticing the horse is also a sign that you are someone capable of maintaining a healthy balance between your two basic psychological poles: instinct and sociability. That means, in short, that you have a lot of control over your emotions and reactions, and so you can always keep yourself in a "socially" appropriate way, even in the most complicated situations.

In addition, horses are also icons of excitement, sexual drive, and joy of living. So chances are you’re someone who is very lively and possesses lots of sexual energy.

2. Rooster

Whoever first sees the rooster is someone who likes to show their full potential to the world. Roosters are symbols of high self-esteem, confidence and power. Many may think you are a bit cocky and arrogant, but this isn’t necessarily true. Just like the rooster, you carry within yourself a great sense of responsibility, perseverance, courage, and confidence.

People who see the rooster are usually victorious individuals, who do not give up on their goals until they reach them. However, they tend to be a bit intolerant and moody when under pressure - especially because they like to do things on their own terms.

Overall, these individuals are excellent friends and more than willing to give unconditional support to whom they love. On the other hand, they have a real hard time forgiving those who betray their trust.

3. Crab

Crabs are animal-symbols of the non-linearity of life. We can’t always achieve what we want by taking the most direct path. The world is full of curves and sometimes we have to walk in tortuous and unintuitive directions to achieve our goals.

If the first animal you noticed was a crab, you’re probably a highly shy and sensitive person who likes to take a step back and think all by yourself on the circumstances of life until you are sure how to proceed. And for that, wisdom and patience are most likely the greatest highlights of your personality.

In contrast, you can also be very stubborn and defensive sometimes. People, in general, won’t notice how sensitive you are on the inside because you hide it very well under a hard shell of resilience and confidence - traits that are not always very authentic in your personality.

4. Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is the archetype of peace, reflection and tranquility. People who first see it are highly intelligent and questioning individuals. They are people who have gone through a lot of chaos and turbulence in life and have learned to retreat within themselves to achieve a healthier state of peace and wisdom. For this reason, they can get a clearer and more objective view of the facts - and thus make better decisions.

If you first saw a mantis, you have the strength and motivation to follow the paths that work best for you, without getting distracted by outside opinions. At your best, you are a patient and wise friend who always has the right answer to comfort and advise people around you. At your worst, you can be cold, calculating, and manipulative, because you have a deep understanding of how others around you behave and think.

5. Wolf

The wolf  symbolizes the perfect combination of civilization and isolation. People who have first seen the wolf are individuals who, even though appreciate being surrounded by other people, have a deep relationship with themselves and make the most of the occasions on which they can be on their own.

If you saw the wolf, you are an organized and disciplined person that has a great understanding of harmony and balance. Although you can’t always achieve perfect stability in life, during hard times, you will try your best to stick to your principles and find a good option to keep things balanced.

When you are at your best, you have the ability to form strong and fast emotional bonds. The intensity with which you love can be even a bit overwhelming, but there will be no one in the world who is more faithful and caring than you. At your worst, though, you become very competitive, rigid and demanding, not giving up on your excellence standards or your need of solid and reliable foundation in relationships.

6. Dog

People who see a dog are extremely loving and gentle, but tend to have real hard time when maintaining a good relationship with themselves. For them, it takes a tremendous effort to remember to be gentle and patient with their own selves.

They are individuals who naturally attract other people because they are very trustworthy, loyal, and funny. They have no restrictions or prejudices and are always open to help anyone who needs them. Around them, everyone feels protected, safe and loved.

However, on their own, they tend to feel depressed, fragile, and restless. They find it incredibly hard to deal with themselves.

7. Eagle

Whoever first sees the eagle is someone who feels the need to seek a connection with the spiritual world on some level. If that’s your animal, you are always drawn to the higher meaning of things, especially those coming from the heart and soul, and therefore you are always looking for something beyond the ordinary expectations of other people.

You are a free-spirited person that likes to live under their own terms and rules, and runs after everything that interests them without thinking twice. Most of the time, insecurity isn’t part of your vocabulary, for you’re very confident. You’re also very practical and objective, and that makes you a highly effective person.

Sometimes people may think you’re somewhat arrogant, or even selfish. But this kind of impression rarely affects you. You have in your heart an enviable sense of who you are, so criticism from others doesn’t have much effect on you and your self-esteem.

8. Butterfly

Butterfly is a symbol of life’s constant changes. Everything in the world metamorphoses and evolves within seconds, and people who first see the butterfly know that really well.

If you have seen this insect at first glance, you are an incredibly adaptable person. You survive every storm you go through with lots of grace and lightness, for you know the dynamics of the world very well. You accept new things with open arms and change yourself to follow the paths ahead, always seeking (and actually reaching) the best outcomes possible.

Although you don’t think so, and sometimes your great sensitivity prevents you from enjoying it, you are endowed with great optimism and joy. Of course, in the face of difficult situations, it may seem to everyone - and even to you - that you are very fragile and delicate, but nothing is further from the truth. Your positive energy is constantly radiating and when you least expect it, it makes the darkest scenario turn into an amazing opportunity.

9. Dove

Doves, as everyone knows, are an eternal sign of peace and love. If it was this animal that caught your attention, you are a person who looks for peace and harmony in life, avoiding  conflicts at all costs and always seeking the path of conciliation.

Those who see a dove are kind, generous and gentle individuals. Needless to say, people are greatly drawn to the innocence and grace you exude every day. But that is not always very positive, for some people may interpret this kind nature of yours as a sign that they can take advantage of you somehow. 

So, which animal did you see first? How accurate were the results for you? Leave your impressions in the comments!