Would you survive in a horror movie?
Would you survive in a horror movie?
Find out what your chances of survival are
Posted on September 10, 2018
Photo: The Ring (2002)
You’re all by yourself in the living room of an unfamiliar house, when you hear a strange noise coming from the kitchen. You get scared and run until you come across a hallway, in front of which are the stairs. You…
Climb the stairs
Run down the hallway
Go to the kitchen to check what that noise was
You’re trapped with 4 people in an abandoned school while a killer is on the loose. Someone in the group proposes that you should split up to find a way out. You…
Agree and decide to go with the larger group
Agree and decide to go with the smaller group
Disagree and say you should all stay together
There was a brutal murder in a mansion, and you’re the detective responsible for the investigation. During your first on-site visit, you find some evidence linking the crime to the victim's wife. You…
Decide to go and interrogate her yourself
Tell one of your sidekicks to interrogate her for you
Write her name down on a notepad, but do not interrogate her at all
It's two in the morning, and your car breaks in the middle of a road. You say some bad words, take a deep breath and...
Get out of the car to try and fix it yourself
Call the insurance company and ask them to come and solve the problem
Get out of the car and start waving to other cars, hoping they will stop and help you
You’re with your friends 'checking out' a neighborhood house that is supposedly haunted. You walk in through the open kitchen door and when you’re passing by the living room when you hear a noise coming from the basement. You…
Open the basement door and check what's in there
Tell your friends you’d better leave as soon as possible
Ignore the noise and continue to check the house out, but don’t go to the basement
You’ve just escaped a murderer and now you’re running down a road, looking for somewhere to hide. You’re very tired and almost giving up when you spot a house with a car in the garage. To your surprise, the car keys were left in the ignition. You…
Get in the car and try to turn it on
Knock on the house door and ask for help
Keep running on the road
You were camping with your friends in the woods and you got lost. You try to stay calm, but when you hear a scream not so far from you, you freak out and start running. Suddenly you see a fork in the track you’re in. On the right, you see a boy. On the left, an old man. You…
Take the right path
Take the left path
Turn around and go back on the same path you were before
You’re making out in a car parked on a deserted street, when things get more intense and your date starts to take their clothes off. You…
Give them a smirk and also take your clothes off
Tell them to stop because you’re not the kind to have sex in a car
Get out of the car and start running, hoping they will chase after you
You’re hiding in a dark room with 3 more people. It's been 2 hours since you guys last heard any noise, so you think you're all safe - but someone in the group disagrees. So you tell them that you’re going to leave the hideout for a second and check if it’s actually safe out there. What is the last thing you say to the group?
I'll be right back
Can anyone cover me?
Stay here
You’re jogging at night in a practically deserted street, listening to music with your headphones on. Suddenly, something catches your eye. You take your headphones off, while still walking. You hear a noise behind you. You…
Look back to check where the noise came from
Keep walking as if nothing had happened
Freak out and start to run